Chapter V

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Could Allah Lose his people

The central pillar in the edifice of Islam is the firm belief in the Uniqueness of God, Almighty, Exalted in Power Who enforces His Will as He desires.

The Holv Quran says-"He is the Doer of all that He intends." (85/16).
"Lo. GOD carries out All that He Will. (22/18).

God executes His Will. There is no interval between the intention of God and its execution. No circumstances whatever may hold the execution of His Will, even for a twinkle of an eye, as He says:-

"And our command Is but a single (Act) Like the twinkling Of-an eye. (54/50).

The Holy Quran further says:

Verily! when He intends a thing. His command is, 'Be! and it is. (36/82).
The moment He wills a thing, it becomes His words or command and the thing forthwith comes .into existence. He is the Master of fates, and anything animate or in-animate cannot move against His Resolution, He with His mere intention can drive all the people to righteousness, He never loses His people as barked by Fard. (Jet Weekly 13.3. 75, p. 9 ).

God never loses or gains, as loss and gain are the attributes of the evanescent and not of God Who is Eternal, Absolute and Insurmountable and the one to whom no circumstance can ever restrain from executing His Will, but that He made this world a place of test, and gave power of discretion to His people to elect between good and evil. He didn't leave on the people to distinguish on their own between good and evil, but He sent ;the .messengers demarcating .all the good from the evil. They told the people that life of this world is transitory and the real eternal and blessed life with everlasting youth and pleasures shall be enjoyed by the faithful in the Hereafter. All the messengers or prophets invited people to worship one God the Sustainer and Cherisher of all and to adapt their lives according to His Commandments.

The intention of God is to test His people, so as to reward the faithful and punish the un-righteous. He says:-

"Oh that those who do evil had But known (on the day) when they would behold the doom, that power belongeth wholly to Allah, and Allah is severe in punishment." (2/65).

Another verse of Holy Quran carries the same notion of guidance by the messengers so that the people may elect good and foresake evil:

"And we never sent the messenger except in the language of his folk that he might make (the commandment of

Allah) clear. Now God Ieaves straying those whom he pleases and guides whom He pleases." (14/4.)

Allah doesn't leave the guidance in the hands of His messengers but guides to whom He will:-

"Lo! thou (0 Muhammad) guidest not whom thou lovest, but Allah guideth whom He Will. And He is the best aware of those who receive guidance. (28/56).

Again it is a question of test otherwise Allah could have guided all; But truly the Command is With God in all things! Do not the Believers know, That, had God (so) willed.

He could have guided All mankind (to the Right)? But the Unbelievers - never Will disaster cease to seize Them for their (ill) deeds, (13/31):
If We had so willed, We could certainly have brought Every soul its true guidance: But the Word from Me Will come true," I will Fill Hell with Jinn And men all together." (32/13).

'When the Omnipresent Himself guides the destinies of the people as He Wills, how He could lose . His people. Fard was playing a farce to entrap the Blacks of America, telling them that he was sent to reclaim the lost people of God, in order to install himself as their spiritual head and thereby instigating them for all kinds of sacrifices, Thus he alongwrth Elijah was mustering power, and getting his opponents killed in the name of sacrificial killings, and idea behind the Militaristic Fruit of Islam was only to keep his opponents permanently terrified and silent, or remove them from his way. Malcom X was killed because he knew the true Islam and opposed them. There is no other reason to keep a semi-military organization, as Elijah opposed Jihaad1 saying:- "A gun takes a mans mind off the Gods protection and puts it on the gun. This is not the way man should think because a guns protection is only temporary," (Jet weekly 13. 3. 75.)

Then why he maintained a semi-military organization. When he preached Gods protection so strongly. It was only a farce to pull the strings of his antagonists and to make them silent what' a notorious character he represented.

The sacrificial killings are found in primitive paganism, Islam strongly forbade all killings, except in punishment to murder and in Jihad (war against the enemies of Islam).

The Pretenders Fard and Elijah were acting in collaboration to mutilate the Isla-nic order and preaching their self conceived invalid god who had lost his people. Their character was self contradictory as when they were talking of Gods protection, they were keeping a security organization for veiling their own activities, and for prevailing upon their adversaries. The conception of God as taught by Islam was willfully ignored and Elijah Poole indulged in advocating the Christian dogma of anthropomorphism as a principle of Islam.

  1. Jihad is obligatory in Islam and cannot be repealed by any one. This has been discussed at full length in my book "Nabi-AL-Anbiya See part IV of this book.