Chapter VI

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The Last Meccan Prophet (peace be upon him) & the Liars


  It is noteworthy about the dreams that some persons of strong will power, through their power of imagination shape their ideas and make others to see them in their dreams, so that that man may develop a belief on those dreams, or may develop a liking for any particular man and obey him, or that man may be dragged through those dreams to believe in any particular ideology, or in any sect of .apostates like Qadiyanies, Bahaies or communists. It is, therefore, necessary to get those dreams interpreted with most reliable religious persons.
  Bringers of glad tidings means those dreams which may refresh our faith like seeing of the Holy Prophet or seeing of the mothers of faithful or seeing of incoming events or dangers and when they do come.
20. Mother of the Faithful Ais.ha quoted the Holy Prophet having said, "After me nothing of the prophet-hood will exist except the bringers of good tidings." They (people) said, "what are 'AI-Mubasharat." He said, "virtuous visions which a Muslim sees, or shown to him. (Imam Ahmad)
  A faked saying has been attributed to the Mother of the Believers Aisha In 'Dur-AI-Manthur' that she said," Say the last of the prophet but do not say there is no prophet after him." This saying is concocted and has no authenticity and stands in direct tussle with the tradition narrated by her on No. 7. How can she say anything on her own when she herself narrated the tradition of the Holy Prophet on the finality of his Prophet-hood.
21. Erbad Bin Sariya narrated the Holy Prophet (peace on him) said, "God inscribed me the seal of the Prophets when Adam was still in his clay. (Ahmad, Bai-Haqui and Hakem) Khatam-un-Nabiyeen means the last of the prophets.
  In the aforesaid traditions the Holy Prophet cited many examples to elucidate its meanings, and in many ways he made his people to understand that he is the; very last Prophet, again he tells us that he is the seal of the prophets. We know when a document is sealed, it is complete and there can be no further addition. The Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, peace on him, closed the line of the prophets. The later ages will not require any thing except the teachings accorded by the Holy Prophet (peace on him) and these teachings will always continue as they are, Ulemas and Khulafas will continue to refresh the memory of the people by imparting these teachings. Since it stood in God's knowledge that no prophet will be required after the Hashmite Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, peace on him, He, therefore, decreed him to be the seal of the prophets, even before the creation of Adam and verily he has full knowledge of all things.
22. Narrated Abu Huraira, in the Hadith of Isra (miraculous bodily journey of the Holy Prophet from Mecca to Jerusalem and thereafter miraculous bodily ascent to heavens) - When he reached to the first heaven - the angels asked, "Gabriel," who is with you. "Gabriel said." This is Muhammad Allah's Apostle and the seal of the prophets, till he reached before the Lord) and Lord said, to Muhammad: "I made you the very first of the prophets in creation, and sent you the very last of them. I made you the Opener and Finisher of the prophet-hood. (AI-Bazzar Majma-ul-Zawaid pp. 27-29).
23. Annas narrated, Allah's Apostle said, "When I was taken on Isra (Miraculous Journey) to the heaven. My Lord called me closer, till the distance between me and him was two bows length or even nearer. He said," 0 my favourite, 0 Muhammad, I said," I am here, 0 My Lord." He said, "Would you be grieved if I made you the last of the prophets"! said," No My Lord. "He-Said, "Would your people be grieved if I made them the very last of the peoples"! said," No My Lord." He said, "Communicate my greetings, and tell them that I did make them the last of the peoples. (AI-Khateeb, Dailmi, AI-Kanz-Vol-6,p.112).
24. Ali Bin Abi- Talib narrated that in between the shoulders of the Holy Prophet there was seal of prophet-hood and he is the last of the prophets. (Tirmidhi in his Shamail)
In the Old Scriptures it was foretold that the last Prophet would have a seal in between his shoulders, so that seal served as a symptom for his recognition-
25. Khalid Bin Waleed tells in a long narrative, that Mahan the Governor of the King of Rome in Syria asked him, "Had your Prophet told you that any prophet would come after him." Khalid said," conversely he told us that there will not be any prophet after him and Jesus son of Mary had given forth glad tidings for him (Muhammad Mustafa) to his people". The Roman Governor said confirming: ! stand witness to it. (Khasais Vol. 2 p.284).
26. Thuaban narrated that Allah's Apostle said, "There will be thirty Antichrist among my people, every one of them will claim to be a prophet, and I am Khatamun Nabiyeen (the very last of the prophets) and 'La Nabiyee Badi' (there is no prophet after me.) (Muslim)
  The Prophet of God clearly foretold that there will be Antichrists who will claim prophet-hood for themselves, and cautioning his people against them, he also told the meaning of the words 'Khatam-un-Nabiyeen, as one there is no prophet after him. As to there number being thirty, Hafiz Ibn Hajar writes, "The objective of the aforesaid tradition is not to count every claimant to prophet-hood, because the false claimants to prophet-hood are innumerable. Mostly these claimants come into existence on account of lunacy and insanity, but the objective of this tradition is to point those liars who will get pomp and pelf."
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