Chapter VI

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The Last Meccan Prophet (peace be upon him) & the Liars


The difference of Prophet-hood and Apostle-snip should also be understood, when a man is appointed by Allah, he is called Nabi (prophet) in relation to his own race, and if his mission is not restricted to his own race but widened to people at large, he is called Rasul (Apostle). Thus every apostle is necessarily a prophet and not vice versa. When the Apostle of Allah Muhammad-ur-Rasul-ul-Allah (peace on him) has ' been told to be the Khatam-un-Nabiyeen (the last of the prophets) that wipes out the possibility of there being prophet or apostle. Ibn Kathir giving the above version writes that revelation'Khatam-un-Nabiyeen' conclusively decides that there is no prophet or apostle after him.

27. The Allah's Apostle said, "Dooms day will not befall till there emerge thirty Antichrists. Every one of them will pretend that he is an apostle of God, (beware) I am Khatam-un-Nabiyeen (the last of the prophets) there will be no prophet after me."(Abu-Dawood and Tirmidhi).

This tradition also elucidates the meaning of 'Khatam-un-Nabiyeen as one after whom there is prophet, and as such every person who holds himself to be a, prophet or apostle after the Holy Prophet (peace-on him) is a liar. After Muhammad Mustafa, peace on him, the line of prophets or apostles is extinct. And since it was in God's knowledge that there would be liars who would misguide the people under the false pretext of (prophet-hood, He, therefore, directed His Apostle Muhammad Mustafa (peace on him) to warn the people against those liars. The Holy Prophet (peace on him) through a chain of continuous traditions made it very clear that prophets and .apostles have ended and nothing remains but coming of the Hour.

28. Buraidah quoted the Apostle of God having said, "I and the Hour are conjoined," and (exaggerating the closeness of the Hour) he said, "the Hour was likely to precede me." (Musnad Ahmad)

29. In another tradition reported in 'Bukhari' Allah's Apostle said, "I and the Hour have been sent like these two," and he raised his two adjoining fingers.

That is to say that as adjoining fingers leave no room for anything to grow in between, similarly between his prophet-hood and the coming Hour no other prophet can intervene . His prophet-hood will continue till Doomsday, and whoever puts forth any claim to prophet-hood is a Liar.


During the life time of the Holy Prophet (peace on him), the two liars pretended with prophet-hood. One of them was Musailma1 and the other was Aswad Al-Ansi.

Musailma the Liar was the chief of the tribe Banu Hanifa. He gained power and mobilised an army of forty thousand Arab fighters at Yamamah. He posed greatest danger to Islam and wanted to run over the Muslim seat at Medina-al-Munawwarah.

Aswad Al-Ansi the Liar having accumulated power, fought victoriously against the ruler of Yemen. The Yemani ruler was killed in action. He occupied 'Sana' and entire Yemen was subjugated by him. He also occupied 'Najran' and numerous Muslims were made apostates. As they were forced to accept his prophet-hood.

The news of these two pretenders of prophet-hood and of their attaining power reached Medina which greatly perturbed the Muslims.

30. Abu Bakarah narrated that most of the people were talking on the affair of Musailma the Liar that Apostle of God arose among the people. Praising God as befits to Him, he said," you are contemplating in the momentous affair of this man, verily he is one of the thirty Liars who will come out before the 'Antichrist. (Tahawi in Mushkil-al-Asar, Vot: 2, p 104)

31. Abdullah Bin Zubair narrated, Allah's Apostle said, "The Hour of Judgment will not establish, till thirty Liars and ..'Antichrist do not emerge. Among these are Musailma, Ansi and AI-Mukhtar.' (Abu Yala, Fateh-al-Bari) Ibn Kathir in his book, 'AI-Bidaya wa al-Nihaya' Vol VI p 308, writes, "Allah's Apostle after having informed about AI-Aswad AI-Ansi, sent a message through 'Wabar Bin Yahnash AI-Dailmi, ordering Muslims who were there to fight against AI-Aswad AI-Ansi and to assassinate him."

Firoz Dailmi made an assault on him during the night and he murdered the Liar. Wabar Bin Yahnash gave Azan (call for prayers) in the morning, and threw his head from the roof of the palace.
Ibn Umar narrated, "On the very night when AI-Ansi was murdered, the Apostle of God was informed heavenly to give us glad tidings," the Holy Prophet said, "AI-Ansi has been murdered last night, a blessed man of a blessed family has murdered him, he said, Firoz Firoz," (AI-Bidaya wa Al-Nihaya Vol: VI p 310). Later the news reached Medina after passing away of the Holy Prophet, in the end of the month of Rabi-al-Awwal.

Abu Bakar Siddiqu the First Caliph, sent a force consisting of the companions of the Holy Prophet, peace on him, under the command of Khalid Bin Waleed to fight against Musailma, the Liar. After a pitched battle the Musailma's fighters were routed, retreating they took refuge under a high walled garden and closed its gate. The companions of the Holy Prophet beseiged them. 


AI-Bara Bin Malik, a companion of the Holy Prophet, on his request was lifted high on some thing raised by spears and thus he was dropped inside the wall of the garden, the forces of the Apostate, numbering about forty thousand, perceiving their dreadful end, pounced upon that lonely warrior who intended to open the gate. AI-Bara Bin Malik fought back fiercely. The determinate undaunted warrior fell on them like an eagle on his prey His sword cut deep with a lightening speed through the enemy ranks pushing them away from the gate. The chivalry of 'Bara' shall ever stand unprecedented in the history of warriors. He became a terror for the enemy and fighting he opened the gate.


The Muslim force rushed in taking the enemy on their swords. After a fierce bloody battle, the Muslims achieved victory. Twenty one thousand enemy soldiers along with Musailm the Liar were killed, and about six hundred companions of the Holy Prophet were martyred. Among them some were the most veteran companions of the Holy Prophet (peace on him).

However the companions of the Holy Prophet with their sacred blood, engraved on the face of the earth the finality of Muhammad Mustafa, (peace be on him), or in other words the evidence recorded by the pious blood of the companions of the Holy Prophet on the finality of the prophet-hood shall always gleam on the record of the world, telling all the future generations that every claimant to the prophet-hood or apostleship is an impostor, Liar or Antichrist

  1. For details see part 2 of this book.
  2. How masterly the traditions or Habith have been preserved this I have discussed See part III chapter 1 'The National Evidence.'
  3. An agreed tradition
  4. I have discussed these Liars in more detail in my book Nabi-AL-Anbiya" See part IV of this book.f